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DirectVacuum News

Micro Magnetics delivered a 1.2-meter cubic 3-axis Helmholtz coil with controller system [3/29/2016]
Micro Magnetics delivered a 3-axis Helmholtz coil with controller system for CubeSat calibration [10/20/2015]
Micro Magnetics launches Spin-MAG3 untrasensitive and miniaturized 3-axis magnetometer probe [6/15/2015]
Micro Magnetics' STJ sensors are used in intraoperative sentinel lymph node identification [6/15/2015]
Micro Magnetics delivered a high vacuum sputter deposition and thermal evaporation system [6/15/2015]
Micro Magnetics' STJ sensors are used for high-resolution imaging of remanent magnetization fields [6/15/2015]
Micro Magnetics' Circuit Scan 1000 is used in paleomagnetic analysis of geological materials [6/15/2015]
Micro Magnetics STJ sensors are used for metal detection [6/25/2013]
Micro Magnetics launches STJ-3D three-axis magnetic field sensors [6/25/2013]
Quantitative detection of DNA labeled with magnetic nanoparticles using arrays of MTJ sensors [7/24/2008]
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