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About DirectVacuum
DirectVacuum – Providing quality and affordable tools to facilitate cutting edge nanotechnology.
DirectVacuum offers customers directly high-tech tools to advance research and development, and manufacturing in interdisciplinary sciences and technologies. Our tools are used to fabricate nanoscale devices, to measure electronic and magnetic properties, and to make the small worlds visible. We provide high quality products at affordable cost by relying on efficient manufacturing and directly selling to customers. We serve customers in the fields of semiconductor, spintronics, data storage, MEMS, automobile, sensing, and life sciences.

High Temperature (max. 250 C) 2-Axis Helmholtz Coils

A set of Helmholtz Coils that can generate two-axis magnetic field with operating temperature up to 250 C, suited to calibrating high temperature magnetic sensors/electronics.

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Ion Beam Etching System

The SpinIE is a high vacuum ion beam etching system. 
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SpinEM-60: H-frame Electromagnet, 60 mm pole diameter, max. field 0.8 T

SpinEM-60: H-Frame Electromagnet 45�, pole diameter 60 mm, maximum magnetic field 0.8T. 
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SpinTron Option: SpinTron-DC Deposition Chimney

Deposition chimney option for SpinTron Series high vacuum magnetron sputter sources.
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SpinTron Option: SpinTron-FH Flexible Head

Flexible head option for SpinTron Series high vacuum magnetron sputter sources.
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SpinTron Sputtering Package with 8-inch CF Flange and Rotating Shutter

 8" CF flange and manual shutter assembly for SpinTron series.
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